FileMaker iPad Contest - November 2015

zProduction for iOs



zProduction for iPad works only as a module of zProduction installation. If live demostration is needed please contact us.

zProduction for iOS

The zProduction module for iPad is an integral part of our zProduction expressly designed to manage production in industrial environments.

It's multi-language and multi-company with user managed from zProduction.

The goal of the application is to supply production operators with all the infos they may need about their productions to perform and collect organized data about production, quality and costs of production. It also allows shifts managers to organize the production priorities and assignments.

The operator logs into the app, sees his production queue and so can open the production recording.

In the following production card he can see all indications about: 

  • the product and quantities he should produce
  • work, handling and machine tooling notes
  • the technical drawing and all documents associated, coming from zProduction, which can be open directly on the device
  • tools to be used with their location

He so can record, through a timer, times of production, stops (with pre-defined causes), tooling and un-tooling and pauses. He can additionally record scraps with their causes (which trigger a reparation production order), quality data (both Ok/Kos and values) and quantity produced.

It additionally retrieve automatically the shift and posts a warning if the product revision has been changed.

All the interface is extremely simplified and guided since it has to be used in an industrial environment. All data collected are then used for real-time analysis and kpi of production, costs, stops and quality.

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