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zService for iOs


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zService for iOs

The zService module for iOs (both iPhone and iPad), an extension of our zService, is designed to support services companies (and b2b commerce) such as maintenance and installation of various systems (security systems, elevators, air conditioning, etc).

It can work online and offline with data update delays customizable by the user; it's multi-language, multi-company and multi-currency with an user management linked to the one of zService which allows to control and manage access to the different parts of the application and all devices allowed to connect. Finally it has an auto-update system to manage versioning.

There are two main areas of function: 

  • Companies and products
  • Interventions reports

The companies section allows to search and retrieve data of customers, prospects and suppliers with their contacts, offices (which opens maps) and all files and documents stored in zService linked to this company such as quotations, invoices, etc..

The products section allows to display all products and services (as a catalog) with their images, commercial descriptions in several languages, different prices depending on the price list selected, stock availabilities and all documents linked to the product (technical card, manuals, etc..) The interventions reports allows each operator to see their work program, open the card of each intervention with the possibility of displaying the story of interventions performed at each client's location and opening the report of work done.

The report allows to record all products and services used/performed with the management of price lists and discounts, to record the payments collected, notes of work done. It then displays a preview of the report doc and asks for the customer's signature which is then geolocalized. The signed report is sent to the customer via e-mail with a customizable and automated message. The companies and products are available also on iPhone.





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