As Sandeza, we are a software and consulting company specialized in designing and deploying management solutions dedicated to SMEs.

We developed a long-standing experience in the manufacturing sector in B2B services, designing and deploying highly integrated and adaptable systems, following our customer through the transition to new working procedures and workflow improvement.

For us, simple, intuitive and easy to use are not just words but landmarks for our daily work so that is not up to the user to adapt to the software but the software itself which has to adapt and be crafted around the user.


"Simplicity through driven solutions"

The value that inspires Sandeza is the idea that a careful study of the needs can produce useful knowledge to the design of products and services. Imagining and creating while focusing on User Experience means getting as much as possible the point of view of who uses a specified product or service.

All Sandeza products and services are developed with a special focus on usability: our softwares are structured and designed to first manage entities and only afterwards to adapt those entities to the role or attributes that they can get depending on specific contexts or moments.

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